Dog in the Woods



You are a four-legged hunting machine covered in thick hair.
Your ears can hear insects crawling inside the walls…
A car starting a mile away…
You charge nose-first into the unknown with nerves of steel,
hot on the trail of any scent that wafts your way.
You are a dog.

Although we have evolved side-by-side with canines
for tens of thousands of years, sharing our lifestyles,
there remains a rift of understanding that begs to be explored.

As filmmakers, we hypothesized that dogs are caught in
a cosmic game of tug-of-war, waged between two conflicting realities.
The spoon-fed rhythm of house life is something a dog can count on –
but when the leash is unclasped, when the door is left ajar,
when nothing stands between domesticity and
the boundless temptation of the wild, our dogs change.
Led by instinct and insatiable senses, a dog leaves you
behind and makes for the woods. What is she looking for?


Jan 26 & 28, 2019
Slamdance Film Festival
Park City, UT
Feb 2, 2019
Pendance Film Festival
Toronto, ON
Apr 14 & 18, 2019
Florida Film Festival
Maitland, FL
May 2, 2019
Newport Beach Film Fest
Newport Beach, CA
June 22, 2019
St Kilda Film Festival
Victoria, AU
July 14, 2019
Queen Palm International Film Festival
Cathedral City, CA
July 28, 2019
Woods Hole Film Festival
Woods Hole, MA
Nov 3, 2019
NY Dog Film Festival
New York, NY